As a Degree Chemist & Chartered Accountant I tend to regard myself as a
logical and scientific thinker.  I had been experiencing very unhelpful &
distracting feelings & emotions for many months regarding my relationship &
despite trying to ignore them or counter them with CBT & my logical thoughts
alone, I experienced very little progress. However, my logical mind did
finally help me realise that the unhelpful feelings and emotions were coming
from somewhere deeper and that I needed to find something that could tap
directly into the problem.  Despite my initial scepticism, Nichola employed
EFT techniques to rapidly shift my perspective on some past events and
reduce the emotions linked to those events – I was very surprised at the
emotional impact of Nichola’s work. After only 2 sessions I have been able
to make more progress than I had made in months of CBT alone – I can
concentrate on my work once more – meaning that the Nichola’s help has
already paid for itself. It makes no sense to my logical mind but EFT really
works. Nichola’s manner strikes an ideal balance between empathy & firm
direction and I was so pleased with her results that I requested if I could
give her this testimonial – John