Dear Nichola

Many many thanks for what you have enabled me to do (I think that’s probably right)
Over 4 weeks gone and a healthy return showing on my investment already.
1200% return in just 1 year..!
You should forfeit your fee and simply ask for 10%/ year of what the person saves for the next 3 years.

It really is the most fantastic sense of freedom and actual fitness that I really thought had gone forever.

I was valuing a flat on the 8th floor the other day and the lift had broken. The owner told me to wait through the intercom while he summoned the porter. I leapt up the stairs and reached the 8th floor without even breaking a sweat.
Swimming and running every day and smelling the blossom and wet earth in the morning…fantastic!

The other day I was gushing so much to a friend about the joys I had found that he felt rather tempted to take up smoking just so he could give up and experience what I am feeling.

Thank you so much…you won’t be seeing me again! But I shall be singing your praises for a long time to come!
Kind regards