If you change your unconcious mind you can change your life


You hypnotised me over three years ago at Chiswick Esporta and I have not touched a cigarette to my lips since – insane” Jordanna

Stop Smoking

Hi Nicola,

I came to see you with my friend Tara on May 6th to quit smoking and wanted
to send you a quick thank you as I’m still a non smoker 4 months on! I did
have huge withdrawal symptoms but absolutely no to desire to smoke or be a
smoker, all the reasons for falling off the wagon before have been
completely eliminated. Tapping was really helpful and knowing about
reaction arcs was also extremely helpful. I cannot thank you enough! All the


Stop Smoking

Well it’s good news… absolutely no cigs….. It is so very weird not to be a smoker anymore.  Not unpleasant either – just unusual. My sense of smell is much more acute & I am not eating more to compensate.

You should be very proud of yourself that after 36 years of smoking you have deprogrammed me!  Thank you!!

Mia x

Stop Smoking

I had a session with you early October 2006 to stop smoking and I have not smoked since then!  I must say, it was much easier than I ever though it would be and I am eternally grateful for your help.”
Dominique – 
PA, Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Well I’m delighted to say that as of January 10th 2009…2 days ago…I have made it! I don’t smoke anymore & I’m so chuffed that its been over a year.

So a huge thank you again..if anyone ever asks me,,,I will always recommend you

Have a great 2009


Stop Smoking


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