If you change your unconcious mind you can change your life


During one of the most difficult times of my IVF process, where I taking blood tests twice a day, I turned to Nichola for support.

I had a tremendous fear of needles and the invasiveness of the procedures. Nichola provided a new ground for me to change my perspective in both areas through her hypnotherapy work.

Therefore, in my second IVF attempt after working with Nichola, I was able to face my fears from seeing them from a positive place.  I was able instead to visualise the ultimate outcome of a beautiful baby, rather than focus on the blocks.

Listening regularly to her CDs reinforced the change and the possibilities that I was embarking on through IVF. I am very grateful for her work and so glad I found her as a hypnotherapist. Her style is nurturing, confidential and highly intelligent.

West London

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Hi Nichola,
I just wanted to send you a thank you, as I’m now nearly 5 months pregnant. Although the first lot of Clomid treatment back in late August wasn’t successful, I felt in a really positive frame of mind after the hypnotherapy session and continued to focus on the CD recording you had made. Sure enough, the following month, between treatment months, I found myself pregnant – 2 and half years after starting trying.

Anyway, not sure how much feedback you get, so thought you might like to

Very best wishes



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