If you change your unconcious mind you can change your life


I just wanted to email my gratitude for all the help you gave me, I feel like it’s been a massive help over the last few weeks and my life is already beginning to change so thank you so much. Leon, Confidence


I came to see Nichola with a hang-up I had over an aspect of my physical appearance that was really making me quite miserable.
It was something I had been bullied about at school and as a result it had ended up being something that I constantly obsessed about – literally all the time! I’d think about when I woke up, on the way to work, at work, when I went out at night, when I was with my friends, boyfriends, on holiday – it really was all consuming!
I’m so grateful to Nichola, because, although this is still something I don’t 100% love about my appearance, the scale of this problem has been massively reduced. It doesn’t constantly occupy my thoughts anymore, and I’m much more rational in my view of how other people see me.

Doing hypnotherapy really has been one of the best decisions of my life because, to everyone else, and even myself it seemed like a silly problem – but Nichola acknowledged how seriously it was impacting me and really helped me completely transform my perspective.”

Body Confidence

Nichola you are absolutely incredible – everything is much better. My confidence is restored & centred – cant thanks you enough – Jane


It was a pleasure working with Nichola. We mostly used the Emotional Freedom Technique as a way to help me cut seemingly huge problems down to their proper size.”



Hi Nichola
Just thought I’d get in touch to say a big thank you for the sessions we had together.   Since then my life has changed so much – I’m loving the interior design course (lots and lots of work but learning so much and very challenging – this time I really do believe I can succeed at this!) and I’ve also met someone new and very nice!   I’m sure I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you so a BIG thanks
Best Wishes



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