Do your nerves get in the way of your performance?

Do you crumble under pressure?

Do you have an annoying bad habit you just cant shift?

Do you have a mystery pain that appears at the worst sporting moment?

A little stress can enhance our performance but when those stress levels trigger our fight or flight mechanism we loss focus, co-ordination & performance nose dives.

Using Hypnotherapy & NLP we can enable you to increase your confidence & control.

For decades sports people have used visual rehearsal to improve their performance. The unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between actually doing something & imagining doing something. By rehearsing success we give the unconscious mind “proof” that success is easy & attainable & therefore when we attempt our goal we feel more confident & capable.

In addition we may have past negative experiences that encourage the unconscious mind to cause us to avoid risking a repeat of the past eg being humiliated by a defeat. By resolving past negative events using EFT we approach each challenge without preconceptions of failure or unpleasantness allowing us to feel confident & focussed which in turn translates to better performance.

Typically I would recommend 3 sessions for sports performance – the first is 75mins followed by 2×1 hour weekly sessions.

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