Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have been proven effective in thousands of clinical cases for sexual issues – I have had personal success with many clients for the following issues:

– Erectile dysfunction

– Vaginissimus

– Inability to orgasm

– Loss of libido

– Sex Addiction

– Addiction to pornography

– Sexual abuse

– Rape Trauma

I appreciate that sexual issues are deeply personal & would reassure prospective clients or my sensitivity & absolute confidentiality in this area as in all others.

The unconscious mind runs the body – your heartbeat, your blood pressure, your immune system & your healing response.

Some sexual issues have a simple physical cause & so I would always recommend an assessment from a medical care giver to rule this our before treatment.

Once we have identified that the issue is emotional we can focus on a solution.

By making changes at an unconscious level we can prompt the body & emotions to respond differently & change long-term problems in a very short time – even things that seem insurmountable. I have had success with many “hopeless” issues and deep-rooted sexual trauma.

I have specialist training in Sexual abuse.

Often simple sexual function issues can be resolved in 3 sessions – the first session is 75mins followed by 2×1 hour weekly session.

Where childhood sexual abuse is the root cause resolution can take longer but certainly after 3-6 sessions you should feel a significant shift.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your issue on 07946 526 838 or email me without obligation on nichola@londonlifesolutions.com its likely I can help you.