Relationships can be a great source of joy or a great source of suffering.

The whole world is geared towards couples & happily ever afters. But what if there is no special someone, or that someone has lost their special appeal or belongs to someone else, or has left you, or died. What if your physical relationship is failing & things are going from bad to worse.

I work with couples & individuals experiencing:

  • Marriage difficulties
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Individuals stuck in unhealthy or negative relationships
  • People who are emotionally scarred by past relationships
  • Those who are unable to move on after bereavement

Many people take years to recover from the loss of a relationship whether through disappointment, betrayal or bereavement.  Or feel powerless to heal their current relationship due to the climate of guilt & blame that attends every attempt to resolve things.

They limit themselves in love & life to avoid the risk of repeating the pain experienced as a result of previous relationships, or repeat past negative behaviour over and over again to be astounded that it delivers the same outcome time & again.

Our unconscious mind is always trying to protect us. Once burned by a naked flame we learn to draw back from the danger of repeating that pain. Whilst this self protective instinct helps us in many areas of life, the unconscious mind can be a little over zealous, anticipating danger where it may not exist and we start to carry around emotional  “baggage”.

Whilst it is important to learn from past experience eg do not accept violence in a relationship, it is never helpful to take forward negative emotions into future relationships eg unjustified fear that a partner could be violent.

Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) combine to enable you to let go of the fear, anger, sadness & guilt around relationships to enable you to become open to new relationships or to resolve issues in your current relationship.

Your relationship history need have no impact on your relationship destiny.

It is difficult to anticipate how many sessions an individual or couple may need to resolve their issues.

In my experience moving on from a past relationship seems to be easier than repairing an existing relationship – clients are often emotionally neutral about an ex-partner after 3×1 hour sessions.

Repairing a relationship generally takes longer & is likely to involve several sessions. I often see partners separately for 2 or 3 sessions & then together until they feel able to work together without me.

Even when I am working with only one half of a couple we achieve great results. A relationship involves relative positions – if one person moves the dynamic changes – regardless. In every example where one partner has gained greater clarity & ease of communication the other partner has responded with more reasonable behaviour.  It may be that the relationship is beyond repair but EFT can help you move through the transition in a healthier & more positive way.

One tip for healing relationships – it is essential to let go of blaming & point scoring – I appreciate its difficult but  if you want to be on the same team you need to give each other a lot of slack in order to build the trust & communication again.

EFT is an excellent tool for clearing away the stuck feelings that may be insurmountable on your own  – the unforgivable or unforgettable.

I am completely unbiased & non judgmental – I believe that we are all doing the best we can with the resources & experiences we have.

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