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Phobia symptoms and treatment

What is a Phobia?

Fear of Flying

Presentation Fear


What Is a Phobia?

A Phobia is an irrational fear. I have treated clients for all sorts of phobias – the most common are Presentations, Fear of flying, Heights, Enclosed Spaces, Dogs, Birds, Spiders & Driving (usually motorways).

The most unusual I have treated is a fear of Peas!

Whilst they may seem silly to those without the phobia, a phobia is no laughing matter for the sufferer. People with phobias will routinely limit themselves in careers, relationships & life experience. The good news is that phobias are extremely easy to shift using Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) & NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).

3×1 hour sessions are usually enough to clear a phobia or reduce it to a manageable level. They can even be worked on over the phone.

Fear of flying

1 in 5 of us have an irrational fear or phobia of flying.

This affects our family holidays or work travel arrangements.

Flying is one of the world’s safest forms of transport.

  • During the ten year period 1990 through 1999, 706 million passengers on airliners registered in the United Kingdom without a single fatality (Aviation Safety Review).
  • A study in 2003 found that mile for mile, driving your car the distance of the average airline flight (684miles) is 65 times more risky than flying.
  • Statistically speaking, flying on a jetliner is safer than sleeping in your own bed.

Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are proven means of effectively overcoming phobias.
By running through the flight experience again & again in a safe comfortable way using hypnosis we provide your unconscious mind with non-phobic alternatives.

In addition, EFT enables you to defuse the negative feelings you have from past frightening experiences.

So that your unconscious mind can switch off the protective response it has learnt to associate with flying.

Typically 3×1 hour sessions will be sufficient to clear your fear or at least reduce it to a comfortable level.

During your next flight, you will be relaxed & in control; looking forward to your holiday or business trip with excitement rather than terror.

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Presentation Fear:

Standing up in front of a number of people, receiving their focussed attention & possible criticism is a natural thing to be nervous about – particularly if the subject is something important that we care about.

But where presentation nerves cause an unconscious automatic physical & emotional response eg anxiety, blushing, sweaty palms, palpitations, unsteady speech etc.. they become a phobia.

Fear of public speaking, presentations or performance is the most common of phobias. Often a fear of speaking up has been developed from lessons learned in childhood eg “Little children should be seen & not heard”, “don’t get too big for your boots”, humiliation reading out in class, bullying by peers – there are many opportunities for the unconscious mind to decide to present is a dangerous & painful practice.

Events that still upset us when we think about them today are lodged in our unconscious as things to avoid. We only put our hand in a flame once!

The unconscious mind is ever vigilant to avoid repeating negative experiences.

And so causes us to go into fight or flight mode when it detects we are straying into dangerous territory.

Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) are great at dissolving the original negativity set up by early experiences of speaking up in front of people. Enabling us to feel neutral about past events & therefore our protective response is turned off with regard to presenting.

Using Hypnotherapy we reduce stress levels & practice presenting with a calm mind & physiology. The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between really experiencing something & imagining it.

The same circuits are fired off in the brain when we actually do something as when we just imagine doing it.

So by practising presenting in a positive way the unconscious mind becomes open to the idea that presenting could be safe & productive – enjoyable even.

Hypnotherapy sessions are recorded as an mp3 to reinforce the changes from the session at home.

As with most phobias, fear of presentations or public speaking is often resolved in 3 sessions.

The first session is 90mins followed by 2×1 hour weekly sessions.

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please call me on 07946 526 838 or email on


You worked wonders! Nick had the scan yesterday & stayed admirably calm...the operator even commnted on how calm he seemed! Bless you for being such a marvel


Hi Nichola,You may recall, you treated me a couple of weeks ago to help me with my fear of skiing, open spaces, being out of control, mountains, heights etc, etc. I thought you might like a bit of feedback on how it went!!Well I loved it!! I had no fear whatsoever. The first morning was the most challenging waking up to heavy snow and being rushed down the ski hire shop by the holiday guides to boot up then off up the mountain in a big group in blinding snow!! After a few anxious moments, I was fine!! On lifts, on pistes etc no problems (apart from being freezing) . The weather cleared up on day 2 and it was glorious, the views amazing.I did find out however that I am a very very bad skier!! So I just skied at my own level and did not let myself be pressurised into doing things beyond my capability. Next time we go I shall have one to one lessons to try and improve my technique (particularly stopping!)Thanks for everything Nichola, I shall recommend you to all my friends! What could have been a nightmare turned into a fantastic holiday - Lynn
After years of being afraid of the water and being labelled a phobic, I finally swam a whole length on my back. The starting point in this great achievement was EFT. I read about Nichola in a newspaper article and felt compelled to give it a try. It's amazing how previous experiences shape you but Nichola got to the core and now I find myself able to deal with the fear and anxiety - Michelle


Great news!!  I was very sick on 20 October and within about 10 or 15 minutes John was also sick.  I coped with it all so well - just can't believe it!  - it was amazing - I didn't shake or anything and I was so able to cope with John being sick too.  It's 64 years since I was last sick!So again thank you so so much!! With every good wishJill