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Natural remedies for obesity

I have specialist training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for weight loss & recommend the Glycaemic Loading (GL) programme of healthy eating.
We all know what to do – eat healthily & exercise – so why is overweight one of the most difficult areas of our lives to make lasting change.
Throughout childhood & later life we learn to use food as a distraction from our feelings:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of recognition
  • Frustration…

We may have been taught to use food to bond with loved ones.

Or we may simply have come to think of ourselves as a fat person – we have mistakenly taken it on as part of our identity.

However we got to be overweight there are many layers to losing weight.

There may be downsides to being slim – jealousy from family members or partners, it may attract sexual attention that would be hard to ignore or manage, it may require us to get out & meet new people – often staying overweight is a safe option – at an unconscious level.

When we understand the drivers that get us to overweight & the blocks that keep us from shifting those pounds we can change our behaviour easily.
Strict diet regimes inspire a sense of deprivation & food obsession, which is unsustainable & exhausting.

With hypnotherapy we can re-program your eating patterns to achieve your ideal weight & still allow you to eat naturally & happily.

Using principles of the Glycaemic Loading (GL) eating programme you will be able to eat healthy & lose weight without hunger. By keeping your blood sugar levels steady you will avoid compromising your metabolism & feel energised & satisfied throughout the day.

You will learn to:

  • Eat for health & vitality rather than as an emotional response
  • Eat the right food, at the right time, in the right quantities
  • Listen to the body’s messages
  • Stop naturally when you are full
  • Enjoy healthy eating & exercise

You can enjoy food MORE, eating less, while maintaining a healthy, beautiful body.
No more guilt or discomfort – just a natural, healthy relationship with food, for life.
Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) & NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP)

I provide 2 programmes for weight loss:

1) Traditional Weight Loss hypnotherapy

2) Gastric Band Weight Loss hypnotherapy

Traditional Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

I typically recommend a course of three initial sessions – The first session is 75mins followed by 2×1 hour weekly sessions. If you are on track your fourth session is two weeks later.

As long as you remain onn track this is followed up by a monthly session until you achieve your ideal weight. Between session I ask you to send my a food diary so that we can monitor any issues that arise & your weight loss over time.

Because I understand how complex & varied the issues around weight problems can be, I have undertaken specialist EFT training in weight loss & also attended a workshop to understand Patrick Holford’s GL programme.

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please call me on 07946 526 838 or email

 Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Imagine all the benefits of a surgical gastric band without the huge cost or any of the potentially devastating risks involved with the major surgery

There is an enormous amount of media coverage of celebrities losing huge amounts of weight with gastric band surgery – Sharon Osbourne, Fern Britton, Vanessa Feltz. This surgery, whilst delivering amazung results, comes at a high cost – both financially & potentially to your health. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a proven alternative. It’s safe, effective & fast.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy not only reduces your desire to overeat, it also resolves your unhealthy patterns around food eg grazing, outsize portions, sweet cravings, takeaways, too much alcohol. It resolves the need to overeat & promotes a healthier lifestyle, raising the probability of long term success, a healthy body AND good self-esteem.

Gastric Band hypnosis uses hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP to convince your unconscious mind that a gastric band fitted. This will result in you feeling full much quicker and stop you from over eating just like a surgical gastric band.

If you are really committed to losing weight then gastric band hypnotherapy will help you to achieve your goals. Designed for those with a BMI over 30, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a safe, risk free and cost effective alternative to traditional Gastric Band Surgery.

Use the power of your unconscious mind to change your relationship with food forever.

What will happen?

The programme consists of 3-4 1 hour sessions, each a week apart.

During your first session we take an in-depth background detailing all your unhealthy patterns, beliefs & behaviours eg grazing, emotional eating, takeaways, sweet foods, too much alcohol, body image issues etc.

We clear some of the psychological issues getting in the way of your weight loss. These changes are reinforced with a hypnotherapy session which is recorded as an MP3 for you to use at home to reinforce the changes.

A week later you are ready for your second session during which we assess your food diary for the week & address any remaining bad habits, beliefs or behaviours getting between you & successful weight loss.

A week later, we again review your food diary & if everything is on track we proceed to fit your band. If there are any residual negative behaviours at this point a third resolution session is required & the band will be fitted in the fourth session if you are then on track.There is simply no point in applying the band if you are still eating unhealthily at that point.

When you are ready for the fitting of your Hypno-gastric band we go through the preparation & your virtual surgery in a deep hypnotic state. The Hypno-Gastric band will be tested & retested through hypnosis to ensure it is successfully installed.

Altrenatively the programme can be undertaken in one 3-4 hour session with a meal break.

The Hypno-Gastric band is very like a jubilee clip which is tightened around the top quarter of your stomach to reduce the volume you can hold in your stomach before feeling full and to slow the passage of the food in your stomach into the colon. The opening into the bottom half of your stomach (which effectively becomes the start of your colon) is the diameter of your little finger.

As such you are very restricted in the volume of food you can hold in your reduced stomach space & feel full much much quicker & for longer than you have in the past.

Are you suitable for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy? there are several restrictions which would make the gastric band hypnotherapy unsuitable for you – if this is the case you would be better suited to traditional weight loss hypnotherapy

Once you have achieved your ideal weight you should have a Band Adjustment session to enable you to maintain your weight & increase your portion sizes to non weight loss levels

Each 1 hour session is £125 payable by cash or cheque

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please email me at

What will you eat?

After your Hypnotic Gastric Band has been put in place you will be eating between 1,000 & 1200 (women) or 1500 (men) calories per day

3 or 4 mugs sized portions per day of 350 (women) to 400 (men) calories each.

This calorie level replicates the optimum levels set for actual gastric band surgery. It is important to have a calorific intake that covers your metabolic basal rate to avoid muscle loss.

The food you eat should be nutrient rich & a mix or protein & carbohydrates

You will only be able to drink fluids before a meal & then about an hour after a meal as the band restricts passage to the diameter of your little finger. Fine if your stomach is empty & the fluids can pass through unimpeded, but very uncomfortable if you put liquids ontop of an already full tummy!

What can you eat & what can’t you eat?

Are you suitable for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

Gastric band hypnotherapy is not for everyone – I apologise if this seems strict but these parameters are for you health & well-being

I would not recommend Gastric Hypnotherapy if you:

– Want something that works in the week but you can have weekends or holidays off. It is a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix – you will always have smaller portions (unless the band is removed altogether)

– Want to be able to drink more than 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks at a time during the weight loss period

– Are pregnant or have stopped breast feeding or had surgery less than 3 months before the programme

– Have suffered from eating disorders currently or in the past

– Have a BMI under 30

– Are suffering from a serious, diagnosed mental health issue eg bi-polar, serious depression

– Have type 1 diabetes

– Smoke Marijuana (an attack of the munchies while under the influence may over-ride the hypnosis)

– You have serious, diagnosed digestive issues (IBS is fine)

If you are on prescribed medication you may well have to get approval from your doctor before we start as many drugs need to be adjusted every 5 Kilos or so

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please email me at


just wanted to let you know, I listened to the cd last night and again this morning. Even yesterday I noticed a difference in my need to eat, but today, after a smaller than usual breakfast, I haven't even been tempted to snack on fruit and don't feel hungry for lunch yet.  So I was obviously ready to "flick that switch".Thank you.I am really looking forward to my birthday trip, and not anxious about being with my very slim sister, who, like my mother, also goes on at me about being fat.  I now know I won't want to eat more than her at mealtimes and therefore won't attract negative comments or looks from her. see you on my return.Best wishesNaomi


When I met Nichola I was a very overweight and 30 a day smoker I would be sweating and out of breath by climbing the stairs or even just walking on a humid day.  Two years later  I haven’t thought about having a cigarette and I am very close to being my ideal weight having lost over 4 stone (26 bags of sugar or over 56 slabs of butter!) . I have rediscovered my love of sports, playing tennis, I’m going to the gym 3 / 4 times a week, cycling everywhere and I can run 10km in under 45 minutes. More important that than I am not killing my children through passive smoking or showing them smoking is a good idea instead showing them what a healthy lifestyle looks like.None of that would be possible without Nichola when I thought of hypnotherapy I thought of being hypnotized and really was skeptical thinking it was mumbo-jumbo. Nichola immediately put me at ease I have never felt judged just understood. For me the important part is not the hypno part but the therapy and I have come to understand what is important to me and found new confidence in myself. I can honestly say that since I started the therapy all areas of my life have improved! - Ray


Ray, Recruitment Consultant, Smoking & Weight Loss
I now weigh 11st 11lb. i have tried every diet know to mankind and none have lasted more then a week. I spent 3 hours with Nichola in October and since then i have lost 17lb which is great but the amazing thing is I can now walk past a cake shop without even noticing it, I can go for a meal and have 1 course instead of 3 without it even being an issue. So thanks you Nicola those 3 hours really have changed my life."Lisa


I am writing to thank you so much for your help.I am now down to 71.3 another 2lbs and I will be down to 11 stone, and I am keeping it off. OK I might go up a couple of pounds then I go carefully for a few days.This is the first time in nearly 40 years that I have been this low so I cannot thank you enough.Annie


Thanks for everything Nichola, I am really pleased with our sessions and have lost over 1 stone in a monthand I don't even feel like I am dieting!!With your help I am changing my lifestyle to create a new, thinner, healthier me.I will be recommending you to all my friends!!Mark L


Hi Nichola - a voice from the past - I've been steadily losing weight since I saw you. I have lost 43lbs, 8 inches from my waist & 4 inches from my chest. I am living in the south of France - Bliss! Fondest regrads Vernon


I'm off on holiday on Friday as a size 12 beach bunny!! I've beenabout 10 and a half stone for the last month and feel really well, I'mslimmer and fitter - I started yoga - and generally have a strongercommitment to looking after myself and being happy - thank-you!!Michelle


For the first time, after a life of diets, food regimes, starving and bingeing, I have a structure of eating that I actually enjoy.  From my initial session with Nichola my excess weight easily and painlessly dropped away and my body, which was fast becoming shapeless and frumpy, looks youthful again.  Menopause symptoms have subsided considerably and I have more energy. In addition I now have an awareness of emotional eating triggers and am equipped with methods to overcome them. I am very grateful to Nichola for guiding me into and showing me this new freedom"Sandra


I also just wanted to thank you again for all your help - you have been an absolute shining light for me over the past couple of months at a point in my life when I was feeling depressed, out of control and like I would never be able to lose weight. You have a warm yet professional and completely non-judgemental approach which has helped me open up more than I otherwisemight have. Most importantly, your sessions have helped me deal with my many emotional issues surrounding food and I have left each one feeling positive and empowered to help myself. So THANK YOUNichola!"Christine


having lost a noticeable amount of weight has really boosted my confidence and truly improved my figure.  Lost in totally since April over 9 inches around my hips!  Getting suddenly a lot of attention from (male) people around me which is a really good incentive and just adds a feel good factor 🙂  When you are quite overweight you almostbecome a little invisible and try to blend into the background.  Now getting already a little swagger back…Nina