Many people feel powerless to overcome habits such as nail biting. They feel frustrated & angry with themselves for perceived weakness & can be extremely self critical about their failure to control their habitual behaviour. Some people have habits they feel deeply ashamed about & isolated by eg trichotillomania (pulling out of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes), adult thumb sucking, skin picking. All of these conditions are far more common than you would imagine & can be helped using Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Habitual behaviour is usually set up during childhood and while it may occasionally be copied from role models or peers it is usually set up as a response to stress eg feelings of isolation, rejection, injustice, fear.

This coping mechanism, originally designed to distract us from the situation which we find ourselves, in often then becomes habituated & is used unconsciously. It feels as if there is no conscious control because the unconscious mind triggers the coping mechanism before the conscious mind becomes aware of the uncomfortable feeling which the habitual behavior is masking.

Like burning your finger in a fire, the unconscious mind will protect you from hurting yourself in a similar way in the future by unconsciously drawing you hand away from anything that looks like a flame. This protective instinct also works emotionally. However, as an adult we have far greater resources & experience than our child selves & as such are fully able to resolve many situations that in the past would have been beyond our abilities eg disagreeing with an unfair authority figure or peer. Once we convince the unconscious mind that we are up to managing the situation, the stress that arises & causes the habitual response is dissipated and the habitual response with it.

Hypnotherapy is excellent at reducing stress levels & giving the unconscious mind a motivating image of how the future would look without the habitual behaviour. This is recorded on audio CD to enable you to reinforce the changes at home. Emotional Freedom Techniques are excellent at getting to get to the bottom of where the habit originated from & which emotions trigger the response. It is also a tool, which I would teach you to use to manage cravings regarding the habit.

Typically, if the habit were straightforward 3 sessions would be sufficient to clear or significantly reduce habitual behaviour. Each session is an hour long about a week apart.

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