Do you find yourself blushing in work or social situations?

Do you feel that the whole room is watching you & judging you as lacking somehow when you blush?

Is blushing knocking your confidence & your motivation to go after what you want?


Blushing is a natural physical response to stress – our heartbeat & blood presure increase & the flow of blood to our bodies is affected.

Almost everybody blushes sometimes – however for some of us the response is more pronounced & more frequent.

Two issues affect how much & how often we blush:

1) Our level of self consciousness

2) Our natural colouring

In my experience, the vast majority of my clients with blushing are usually fair haired or have high natural colouring. There are exceptions who’s blushing is purely based on self consciousness. The problem with blushing is that the self consciousness creates the blush & then the indiviual gets self conscious about the blush & the fight or flight process is triggered in an ever escalating cycle.

For those clients with high colouring it is likely that they will always blsuh a littel more than other people – this is their physiology. However, with hyonotherapy, EFT & coaching we are able to reduce the sensitivity to being under the spotlight & the self consciousness associated with blushing so that even those clients who will always blush a littel can feel calm confident & aove all capable whatever the tone of their skin.

I would recommend a course of 3 sessions a week apart using Hynotherapy to reduce sensitivity & increase confidence in past trigger situations – this is recorded on audio Cd or mp3 to reinforce the changes at home. In addition we use coaching & EFT to resolve any past negative events to do with blushing to enable the unconscious mind to let go of fear and respond neutrally in similar situations in the future.

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