Over the years I’ve worked with many clients to successfully reduce bladder sensitivity. The fixation on finding the next toilet or the fear of having an accident can be all consuming.

I’ve had clients who missed out on holidays, career developement and even relationships as a result of anxiety over bladder urgency & frequency. The good news is that Hypnotherapy, EFT and a little coaching can help minimise the impact.

There are generally several elements that affect bladder sensitivity & urgency:

1) anxiety as a result of past accidents or fear of accidents leading to oversensitivity

2) over compenasting ie urinating too frequently so that the bladder becomes unable to manage larger volumes comfortably

3) muscle tone – addressed by Kegel exercises as homework

4) diet – simple changes to minimise the irritation to the bladder

I would recommend a course of 3 sessions a week apart during which we combine Hypnotherapy, EFT & coaching to address each element to enable you to reduce the frequency or toilet visits, to feel more confident to venture further afield & to feel better able to stopping focussing on your bladder & get back to enjoying your life.

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please call me on 07946 526 838 or email on nichola@londonlifesolutions.com