Are you struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one?

Perhaps you feel tearful, unable to cope or isolated in your grief?

Does it feel like people expect you to have moved on but youre just not making any progress?

Maybe youre struggling to hold it together at work or to run the family?

Perhaps you feel you’ve lost your identity without a partner that was part of you for so long?


Bereavement affects us all differently & while there is a natural grieving process where we are naturally bereft &  inconsolable after the loss of a loved one. Under normal circumstances, usually with the help & support of friends & family, things do start to improve over time by themselves.

Usually after approximately 3 months we should experience some lightening of mood & begin to feel more connected with the future.

However, often this natural greiving process is stalled or even halted by curcumstances or shere overwhelm.

Maybe you didn’t get a chance to grieve at the time, perhaps the loss was too traumatic & your unconscious mind just shut down to survive the overwhelm. Often people just don’t get the space to grieve – they have to look after dependents or continue to perform in a demanding job. Sometimes family dynamics can leave people out in the cold having to cope alone with their loss. When the grieving process is stalled we get stuck in that grief, we feel unable to move forward for months or even years after your loss. Often symptoms may begin like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, even physical illness like IBS or chronic pain.

The good news is that it’s never too late to process that grief – to let go of the pain & remember that loved one with happy emotions rather than sadness & crushing loss. Once the grief is processed the attendent symptoms naturally dissapate leaving you open to enjoy life again.

Generally 3 sessions would be sufficient to enable you to let go of the pain & trauma of unresolved grief. If the loss is extremely traumatic eg a stilllbirth or loss of a child or after a distressing illness it can take longer. However you would generally feel better with each session.

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