Do you feel its time for your child to be dry at night?

Perhaps they are missing out on social development of sleep overs?

Maybe you are frustrated feeling they could stop but they just don’t seem to be motivated

Perhaps they sleep so deeply it seems impossible that they would wake up to go to the toilet at night?


Bedwetting can be  worrying and frustrating, but it’s common for children to accidentally wet the bed during the night. The problem usually resolves in time but if you feel like the time is now Hyontherapy can help.

Children respond excellently to hypnotherapy & change can be incredibly quick & long lasting. Our unsoncious mind never sleeps & its our unconscious that alerts us to a full bladder & then wakes us to go to the toilet during the night. Using hypnptherapy we can enable the child to become more aware of those signals & act upon them independently.

I would recommend a course of 3 sessions a week apart – allowing an hour for each session but this maybe be less depending on concentration levels.

Children’s session are very much tailormade to their hobbies & interests to create a magical & motivating story to create confidence & focus. They are generally great fun & I am skilled at helping even the most self conscious child to speak out about their feelings & experiences. A parent is usually  present at all times and contributes with the child to identifying goals, worries & triggers.

Each session they receive a personalised CD of their story to be used at home to reinforce the changes which usually become a firm favourite at bed time long after the issue is resolved.

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Facts & Statistics:

The medical name for bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis.

Bedwetting is common in young children but it gets less common as a child gets older.

In the UK, it’s estimated that about:

  • 1 in 12 children wet the bed regularly at four and a half years old (regularly is defined as at least twice a week)
  • 1 in 40 children wet the bed regularly at seven and a half years old
  • 1 in 65 children wet the bed regularly at nine and a half years old

About 1 in 100 people continue to wet the bed into adulthood.

Bedwetting is slightly more common in boys than girls.