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Your unconscious mind runs everything – your heartbeat, your fears, your belief in who you are & what you can do. If you can change your unconscious mind you can change your life.


I'm off on holiday on Friday as a size 12 beach bunny!! I've beenabout 10 and a half stone for the last month and feel really well, I'mslimmer and fitter - I started yoga - and generally have a strongercommitment to looking after myself and being happy - thank-you!!Michelle


I am writing to thank you so much for your help.I am now down to 71.3 another 2lbs and I will be down to 11 stone, and I am keeping it off. OK I might go up a couple of pounds then I go carefully for a few days.This is the first time in nearly 40 years that I have been this low so I cannot thank you enough.Annie


Well I'm delighted to say that as of January 10th 2009...2 days ago...I have made it! I don't smoke anymore & I'm so chuffed that its been over a year.So a huge thank you again..if anyone ever asks me,,,I will always recommend youHave a great 2009Elin


After 3 visits to Nichola I found the ability to apply myself and to concentrate and was able to study for my accountancy exams which I have recently passed. In the past I always found it difficult to motivate and apply myself but now I am so much better at it and am looking forward to my next set of study and exams.
Richard - Study & Exams


Thanks for everything Nichola, I am really pleased with our sessions and have lost over 1 stone in a monthand I don't even feel like I am dieting!!With your help I am changing my lifestyle to create a new, thinner, healthier me.I will be recommending you to all my friends!!Mark L


Well life remains 'coke-free' in OZ  - I'm greatly looking forward to celebrating my 1st years 'Coke-free' anniversary in May '05 (without a line!), maybe I'll do a 'barby' on the beach. Take care, many thanks and my warmest wishes, DavidIn July 2007 I received another email from David – he’s still “coke-free” (and obsessed with Barbies :o)


As a Degree Chemist & Chartered Accountant I tend to regard myself as alogical and scientific thinker.  I had been experiencing very unhelpful &distracting feelings & emotions for many months regarding my relationship &despite trying to ignore them or counter them with CBT & my logical thoughtsalone, I experienced very little progress. However, my logical mind didfinally help me realise that the unhelpful feelings and emotions were comingfrom somewhere deeper and that I needed to find something that could tapdirectly into the problem.  Despite my initial scepticism, Nichola employedEFT techniques to rapidly shift my perspective on some past events andreduce the emotions linked to those events - I was very surprised at theemotional impact of Nichola's work. After only 2 sessions I have been ableto make more progress than I had made in months of CBT alone - I canconcentrate on my work once more - meaning that the Nichola's help hasalready paid for itself. It makes no sense to my logical mind but EFT reallyworks. Nichola's manner strikes an ideal balance between empathy & firmdirection and I was so pleased with her results that I requested if I couldgive her this testimonial - John


Very good news and big thanks to you Francesca has been offered a sports scholarship for 5 years !!!!! So delighted for her and she is too. She had her 3 rd session with you the day before her trial and as you know she was very low about not being awarded house captain at her current school! She said her sessions with you made her fly ... Francesca 10 years old, Confidence


Hi Nichola - a voice from the past - I've been steadily losing weight since I saw you. I have lost 43lbs, 8 inches from my waist & 4 inches from my chest. I am living in the south of France - Bliss! Fondest regrads Vernon


You worked wonders! Nick had the scan yesterday & stayed admirably calm...the operator even commnted on how calm he seemed! Bless you for being such a marvel


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I help people who want to make changes by addressing psychological issues, behavioural issues & physical issues including:

And many more. Whatever the issue it is likely I have worked it through successfully with a number of clients in the past.

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques & NeuroLinguistic Programming to get to the root cause of your problems & resolve them quickly & with lasting results.

I practice from both Chiswick & Acton working with London base clients, and the UK with clients on the phone.

I am a qualified HypnoBirthing practitioner & really enjoy working with pregnant mums & expectant Dads to enable them to achieve the calm & natural childbirths that every parent & baby deserves

I am happy to discuss any issue free of obligation & in complete confidence so please feel free to call me on 07946 526 838 or email nichola@londonlifesolutions.com

I hope you find the site useful
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